Where is Populum Rated?

At Populum, we pride ourselves on being considered one of the leaders of CBD on the market. If you’d like to see for yourself what gives us that distinction - please check out the links below!

Populum's CBD Oil Tinctures

  • Popsugar - Ranked #1 in the article "I've Tried a Lot of CBD Products, and These Hemp-Derived Picks Are the Very Best" 
  • Ministry of Hemp - Rated #1 Full-Spectrum Tincture & Best Tasting 
  • Herbonaut - Rated "Best Tasting" CBD Oil 
  • Rave Reviews - Ranked as a Best CBD Oil 
  • Heavy -  Ranked as "Best CBD Oil Not Tested On Animals"
  • Venture Beat - Rated #3 for "Best CBD oil in 2021 for sleep, stress, pain, and anxiety" 
  • American Marijuana - Populum received a 5/5 rating
  • New Beauty - "Best CBD Tinctures For Reducing Stress and Anxiety" 
  • Marie Claire - "21 Vegan Gifts to Show Your Love This Mother's Day" 
  • CBD Incubator - "CBD Reviews" 

Populum's Cold Therapy Hemp Rub

  • Chron - "Within seconds of applying a thin layer to our back and shoulders, this cream made our skin feel tingly and cool — providing major instant relief." 
  • Refinery29 - "13 wellness products that helped me through the past year" 
  • Ministry of Hemp - Ranked #2 For Best CBD Topicals
  • Best Products - "Populum's New Vegan Cold Therapy Hemp Rub takes the sting out of sunburned skin." 
  • Forbes - Ranked in "5 Best CBD Topicals for Pain Relief" 
  • US Magazine "The 17 Best CBD Products Right Now, From Creams to Bath Bombs"

Populum's Lavender + CBD Face Oil 

Populum's Zen Pets CBD 

  • Business Insider - Ranked for "Best CBD Oil for Dogs"
  • K9 of Mine - Ranked #1 For "Best CBD Oil For Dogs" 
  • Town and Country - "The Best Luxury CBD Products You Can Buy" 
  • Refinery29 - "After dispensing a tiny amount to my fur baby, he seemed totally calm and happy."

Populum's Orange + CBD Raw Honey

  • Refinery29 - "Pamper Yourself with One of These 25 Giftable Treats"

Other Accolades: 

Ranked as the best company to work for by Join Rise

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