Are your products organic?

We work with farmers who grow their hemp in organic-standard practices. We are currently not certified organic, and the reason why we’ve held back on pursuing a USDA certification is because the agency has swapped their stance on the certification over the past couple years. This has made it hard and problematic for farmers to make the investment. You can learn more about it here

Currently, we know that USDA has been having official public hearings to roll out official regulations behind hemp farming. We’re closely watching how this develops, and hope to invest in the certification by 2021.

Our farmers are still growing everything within organic standards. That is why we have our 3rd party lab results on our website and provided with each order. We triple test our products for:

1) lab tests its raw hemp extract after we’ve sourced the ingredients
2) We conduct in-house testing after the formulation of each batch, and finally
3) we send the final product from each batch to a lab to get a third-party lab analysis

Here you will find more on our lab results and why they are so important!

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