Why are you so expensive? (Compared to other brands)

There's a variety of factors that go into our pricing decision, but the key element is in our sourcing and formulation process. We work with 100% US grown hemp (Colorado), only use full-spectrum extracts, which are superior to a lot of the isolate products on the market (check out our cannabinoid profile in our lab report), and conduct multiple in-house and third party lab tests to ensure the quality of the extract. We are proud to trip-test every single batch. 

Please check out our lab results here: {INSERT LINK OF MOST RECENT LAB RESULT} (refer to QR code for full results)

We're also dedicated in offering an amazing customer experience. Populum was started with the goal to reframe the way people perceive hemp/CBD, and offering a great shopping experience, especially for first-time CBD users through services like our 30-day trial, is a key part. We've developed a top talent customer service team in Omaha, while owning our own in-house fulfillment capabilities, which allows us to take extra care in packaging and quicker processing.

Overall, the quality of hemp we use, which goes through multiple lab tests throughout the sourcing and production process, our continuous testing of better flavors, and our effort to offer a great shopping experience are a few of the reasons why we decided on our price point.

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