What Supplement is right for me?

If you’re unfamiliar with CBD hemp oil, it can be really confusing when deciding where to start. So, how do you differentiate between the levels of concentration, and what’s the right choice for you?

Basic 250mg: This is a great option if it’s your first time trying CBD hemp oil. As the lowest concentration, the Basic 250 allows you to test out CBD at a safe, low dosage. The Basic 250 contains 8mg of CBD per serving, and many people experience the wellness benefits of CBD at this level.

Signature 500mg: This is our most popular offering and a great way to experiment with dosage. If you’re truly lost as to where to start, a half-serving of the Signature 500 will give you the same dose of CBD as our Basic 250, and two droppers are equivalent to a serving of the Advanced 1000. At this level, you have plenty of room to figure out what the best level of concentration is for your needs and decide which bottle to purchase next. The Signature 500 contains 17mg of CBD in each serving and is a top choice amongst our subscribers who have established a daily regimen of CBD hemp oil.

Advanced 1000mg: Sometimes you just need more. This is the highest concentration we offer, and it contains 33mg of CBD per serving. We don’t recommend using the Advanced 1000 as your starting point unless you are familiar with CBD but we have plenty of customers who find they just aren’t getting what they need from our Signature 500, and this level offers a little extra.

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If you prefer a capsule, our Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Capsules are an essential addition to your daily wellness routine.  These offer a dosage of either 15 mg or 25mg of hemp CBD per capsule. When deciding between capsules and oils we suggest you think about what you find will be easiest to take every day. Do you prefer an oil or capsule? Do you prefer a precise dosage of either 15 or 25 mg? 

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