What is the difference between CBD oil and hempseed oil?

Hempseed oil is derived from hemp seeds, and is mainly used for dietary purposes (imagine something similar to coconut oil). Refined hempseed oil can also be used in beauty care products, as they have amazing skincare properties. CBD oil is extracted from the hemp flower, and contains many cannabinoids and has fundamentally different properties.

Our products are formulated with high concentration hemp CBD oil.  Our hemp oil is extracted using a distillation process and is derived from the buds and leaves of the plant. This process cleans the oil of all waxes, lipids, and chlorophyll. Our diluted distillate is a true full-spectrum oil that includes both high levels of phytocannabinoids and terpenes.

We substitute the term CBD with phytocannabinoids, which means "cannabinoids derived from plants". Please also note that we do include a copy of our lab result with each of our orders.

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