What is the dosing and associated CBD amount for Zen Pets?

The following information is the basic dosing guideline for when you're getting started with Zen Pets on your pets. We recommend starting with a low dose, and gradually increasing to see what works best for your pet.

With the 100mg tincture:

- Small (<25lbs): 1/2 dropper - .1.65 mg 

- Medium (25-60lbs): 1 dropper - 3.3 mg 

- Large (>60lbs): 2 droppers  6.6 mg 

With the 250mg tincture:

- Small (<25lbs): 1/4 dropper  - 2mg 

- Medium (25-60lbs): 1/2 dropper -  4mg

- Large (>60lbs): 1 dropper - 8mg

Develop a consistent routine for your pet. Whether you are splitting up their servings, (once in the day time and once in the evening) or choosing which part of the day works best for them, try to stick to that routine for two to three weeks to gauge how your pet responds. 

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