Our flexible subscription

At Populum we offer a 20% discount with your flexible subscription!  

  • We'll reward your commitment to wellness with a 20% discount on all orders. You will also get a 20% discount on any one time order placed when added one time only to your subscription.  
  • Cancel or skip anytime - You can email, chat or call us and we can help! You will receive an email five days prior to your order shipping out so you can make changes if you need. You can also make changes from your customer portal found on our site.
  • We make it easy to receive Populum on your schedule. You can cancel anytime. We can also customize the frequency that your orders deliver. For example, we can set to every 45, 60 or 90 days. We can get pretty specific! 

  • We ship every order to you free, at the cadence you want.

  • Quality guaranteed - We triple test for quality and purity, and use a proprietary formulation to deliver the most effective CBD products on the market. 

  • Exclusive Rewards - Your happiness is our priority which is why we'll send free products, gifts, and rewards to say thank you.

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